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Ink Packet Adapter


Ink Packet Adapter used on the Ink Packet Adapter System (IPAS)

Ink Pack Adapters for Sign & Display Printers this alternative option replaces the old Bulk Ink System (BIS)
Eco Ultra & UMS inks are available in special litre packs for uninterrupted ink supply, providing the functionality of an ink cassette, but with the advantages of a bulk ink system.  The ink packs are loaded in specially developed ink pack adaptors that are mounted in the printers’ ink slots.
No extra footprint is required. As such, the system will save space and will not disturb the operator during printing.
The ink pack / ink pack adaptors for latest generation large format printers offers long unattended printing options along with minimum user intervention (clean ink handling, minimum ink waste, empty ink packs are easy & compact to dispose, …).

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